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Pastor Jeff Donaldson

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·    Pastor Jeff Donaldson has been happily married to Jill since 1987. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grand babies.

·         Jeff has worked in the church for most of his life and has been full-time praise and worship leader for 20+ years. He graduated from Mid-America Christian University with a B.A. in Christian Ministries.

·         He has worked at Bethel Church Choctaw since 2011 and became the lead pastor in January 2019.

     “A passion for God and His people should be claimed by all Christians, but a passion for the Church is an additional drive placed in the hearts of certain God-called leaders/servants. This is a passion for the church to function with a focus of God, love, community and outreach. This is a place where people join in unity to experience corporate worship, prayer, discipleship, camaraderie, healing and more. This is the place where people learn and are encouraged to take this same experience into the world in which they live, impacting eternity for the Kingdom. This is the place where my passion lies. All churches may look and feel greatly different, but prayerfully, within each church there is a people longing for a deeper relationship with God and a communal worship experience that will ultimately birth a drive for global spiritual change. Not everything spiritual happens in the church, nor should it; but many begin there in some way.”  

Jeff T. Donaldson

Please call or text, if you would like for me to pray with you.

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