Bible Life Classes

Sunday's 9:30 a.m.-10:15 a.m. 

Prime Timers (Room 115) with

Pastor Dick Temple

The Bible is a most interesting and intriguing book.  It contains all the answers to life and success.  Few people find pleasure in reading and studying it.  The reason is that most find it hard and difficult to read and understand.  In all reality the Bible is not a difficult book to read and comprehend.  It is a revelation from God intended to be revealed and understood by mankind.  It is often the method we use to study the Bible that makes it hard to comprehend.  I will be teaching from my book “Journey through the Bible.” It is a systematic method of studying the Bible that produces a very clear understanding of the major and minor events in the order that they happen according to each Dispensation and Age starting with the beginning of time. I use a 17 foot chart hung on the wall to teach these Biblical truths from Genesis to Revelation.  This study will hopefully answer many of your questions backed up with Scripture on many subjects that are never addressed and often overlooked. 

The Stretch (Room 201) with

Keith Fife

The Stretch is a class designed to do just that…stretch you! You will be stretched and challenged spiritually to really understand what you believe and why you believe it. Sometimes we just go with the flow and with what we have known since we were kids. But to really grow spiritually you must, from time to time, reexamine what you believe. In the Stretch you are given the opportunity to do just that. The class is designed to be interactive so you can both answer questions and ask questions. Although there is no age range, most in the Stretch are in the 50ish age category but all are welcome. Hope you will join us!

The Bridge (Room 202) with

Mike & Nanci Noakes

The Bridge Bible Life Class is designed to challenge you to think beyond just the normal “Sunday School” class and answers. The Bridge Bible Life Class allows and encourages everyone to participate through interactive group discussion. You will be greatly blessed when you attend this class. Come on in and join us this Sunday and meet some of the wonderful people who are part of Bethel Church Choctaw!

College & Career (Room 205) with

Waylon & Stephanie Crawley

This Bible Life Class is a great place to connect and to dive into studying the Bible with individuals who may be at the same place in life that you are.  You will find the College and Career class, is a place to grow spiritually and to get plugged in with others in your age group. Hope you will join us this Sunday morning, we look forward to meeting you!

Middle School/High School (Room 209) with Steven & Jenny Kappelman

This class is destined to  impact the lives of many, many young people by guiding them to have divine encounters with Jesus Christ and to teach them how to be disciples and make disciples.​ Your young person will enjoy the relationships they can create in this group. Hope they will be with us this Sunday.